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Natural Gas Engine for Gensets, 1000 Series

Product advantage
1. Italian Madas fuel system with the pressure regulator from and American Impco mixer can automatically regulate the fuel supply according to air inflow, which keeps the air-fuel ratio in proper range from engine start to maximum load.
2. The speed governing system with electronic throttle body is controlled by ECM which measures intake pressure, temperature, speed and cooling water temperature through 4 sensors and calculates air inflow accordingly, and hence well guarantees the engine’s power performance and fuel efficiency by combining with exact internally rated ignition timing.
3. Such parts with premium quality as Bosch sensors, electronic throttle body, customized wiring harness and high voltage wire for special purpose guarantee reliable ignition of the engine. The ECM produced with introduced technology and imported components can work long time under 90℃ and can bear the extreme temperature of 110℃, thus guaranteeing reliable running of the engine.

Product Selection
Performance Parameter
Model 1004NG
Fuel Natural gas
Induction System Naturally aspirated
Displacement(L) 3.99
Prime Power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 30
(kW/1800r/min) 35
Standby Power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 33
(kW/1800r/min) 38
Exhaust Temperature℃ ≤750
Net measurement(MM) 1254×706×946
Net weight(KG) 487
Model 1006NG
Fuel Natural Gas
Induction System Naturally aspirated
Governing rate < 1%
Prime power(KW) (kW/500r/min) 40
(kW/1800r/min) 47
Standby power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 44
(kW/1800r/min) 52
Exhaust Temperature ℃ ≤750
Model 1006-G6TAG
Fuel Natural Gas
Induction System Turbocharged and intercooled
Governing rate ≤ 2%
Prime power (KW) (kW/500r/min) 80
(kW/1800r/min) 95
Standby power (KW) (kW/1500r/min) 88
(kW/1800r/min) 104
Exhaust Temperature ℃ ≤650
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