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Biogas Engine, 1000 series

Product Advantage
Lovol 1000 series biogas engines are equipped with full-digital electronic control system. Comparing with traditional control system (ignition + speed governing), the full-digital electronic control system is more reliable for accurate control, bigger power, easier commissioning and maintenance and mass production. Moreover, the full-digital electronic control system can better adapt to methane content change in biogas in different seasons.

The ECU, with control software and engine performance data inputted into it, guarantees strict consistency within one batch of engines. It can also regulate the ignition angle according to engine speed, temperature and power output so as to guarantee optimum run of the engine in different loads and seasons and hence extend the engine’s service life and increase the engine’s generating efficiency.

Performance Parameter
Model 1004
Fuel Biogas
Displacement(L) 3.99
Prime power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 25
(kW/1800r/min) 30
Standby power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 30
(kW/1800r/min) 33
Net measurement(MM) 1254×706×946
Net weight(KG) 487
Performance Parameter
Model 1006
Fuel Biogas
Displacement(L) 5.98
Prime power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 45
(kW/1800r/min) 54
Standby power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 50
(kW/1800r/min) 60
Net measurement(MM) 1516×718×955
Net weight(KG) 595
Performance Parameter
Model 1006TA
Fuel Biogas
Displacement(L) 5.98
Prime power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 80
(kW/1800r/min) 96
Standby power(KW) (kW/1500r/min) 88
(kW/1800r/min) 105
Net measurement(MM) 1616×793×1099
Net weight(KG) 616
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