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Diesel and Gas Engines (for Gensets)

By working with internationally known companies such as AVL and Bosch, Lovol has been able to create internationally advanced, four valve, electronically controlled, high pressure, common rail diesel engines to meet Euro III, Euro IV, and Euro V emission standards.

From 1998 up to today, we have sold our diesel engines to customers in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Colombia, Venezuela, South Africa, Hungary, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, the Phillipines, Pakistan, Taiwan, South Korea, Denmark and Cambodia.

Diesel Engine (with In-Line Pump), 1000 Series

Good Cold Start Performance -Starts normally with no problems at -10℃ without the use of a preheating device. The diesel engine with an in-line pump also starts smoothly at -25℃ through the use of a flame preheating device.

Diesel Engine (with Rotary Pump), 1000 Series

Excellent Economic value-The optimized combustion system and fuel-supply system ensures the accuracy of the fuel supply for each cylinder in the engine and improves the combustion efficiency.

Diesel Engine (with In-Line Pump), 1100 Series

Low Fuel Consumption: The diesel engine with an in line pump uses a European patent combustion chamber to reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise levels, while raising the engine power.

Diesel Engine (for Water Pumping Set), 1000 Series

The diesel engine for water pumping is easily started at -10°C with no need for a preheating device. At temperatures of -25°C and below, a preheating device is needed to allow the engine to run at its optimum performance.

Natural Gas Engine, 1000 Series

Stability & Reliability-Stable power output and operation meets the requirements of G3 grade gensets.
Low cost-The natural gas engine uses natural gas as its fuel, making it more economic.

Marine Auxiliary Diesel Engine, 1000 Series

The marine auxiliary diesel engine uses a double cooling system of sea water and fresh water. It is equipped with alarm functions for high water temperature, low oil pressure and fuel leaking.

Common Rail Diesel Engine, 1000 Series

Ultra-low Fuel Consumption- The use of four-valve and common rail technology leads to a fuel consumption that is 5% lower than other similar products available on today's market.

Biogas Engine, 1000 series

Good Cold Start Performance-The common rail engine starts normally at -25℃ with preheating device. Small Vibration& Low Noise-Smoother combustion, light vibration and low noise.

Genset series: line pump power generation, rotor pump power generation, high pressure common rail power generation, marine auxiliary machines, natural gas and water pumps