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Agricultural Engine

Lovol agricultural equipment engines have been sold all over the world, to the United States, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South America, Africa and other regions. These agricultural engines are known for their strong power output, high quality, reliable performance, and low fuel consumption, earning the trust of users across the globe. These engines have been used n tractors, loaders, corn machines, wheat harvesters, and corn harvesters.

Harvester Engine, 1000/1100 Series

Strong power, high torque and high efficiency are all features of the harvester engine. It also has a general fuel consumption that is lower by 5%-10% than similar products on the market today.

Tractor Engine, 1000/1100 Series

Highly efficient turbochargers combined with the distinctive structure of a combustion chamber guarantees the low fuel consumption of Lovol engines, which can be as much as 5%-10% lower than some same power engines.