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Product Advantages
1. Enhance Power: Using advanced European technology, the charging efficiency is improved, the engine power is enhanced, and the vehicles become easy to drive, with overload protection, a strong grade ability, and an all-around improved performance.
2. Low Fuel Consumption: Using advanced European patented high detonation pressure and a highly efficient consumption system, the fuel consumption in our vehicle engines is lower than other domestic diesel engines by 5-8%.
3. Stability and Reliability: The cylinder block intensity for the vehicle engine is increased by more than 3%, and uses an internal cooling oil duct, a low thermal load, and has a highly reliable piston. Each engine and its parts have been tested for reliability through a 100,000 hour testing.
4. Excellent Cold and Hot Start: The efficient cooling system ensures the engine will start normally under an ambient temperature up to 50°C. A unique preheating system guarantees the engine will start smoothly at temperatures as low as -30°C. Customers in harsh environments like Russia and Iran have both come back to us with excellent market feedback.

Performance Parameter
Platform Technology Model New Model Cylinder Number Displacement (L) Induction Bore* Stroke (mm) Rated Power/Speed (kw/rpm) Max. Torque/Speed (N·m/rpm)
B Series Mech a nical pump + EGR Phaser135Ti-30 4B135-e3P 4 3.99 Turbocharged and intercooled 100*127 101/2500 445/1400-1600
Phaser160Ti-30 6B160-e3P 4 3.99 118/2500/ 560/1400-1600
Phaser180Ti-30 6B180-e3P 4 3.99 134/2500/ 633/1400-1600
Phaser210Ti-30 6B210-e3P 4 3.99 156/2500/ 737/1400-1600
Single pump Phaser135Ti-S30 IE4B135-e3S 4 3.99 101/2500/ 445/1400-1600
Phaser160Ti-S30 IE6B160-e3S 6 5.98 118/2500/ 560/1400-1600
Phaser180Ti-S30 IE6B180-e3S 6 5.98 134/2500/ 633/1400-1600
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