1. Advantages of Lovol engines compared with other engines.
1) Low Noise: passed EU Low Noise Test, the test result is as follows:

Engine Certificate valid since Measured acoustic power LwA [dBA] Uncertainty [dBA] Guaranteed acoustic power LwA [dBA] Allowable acoustic power LwA, according to Directive 2000/14/CE [dBA]
1003TG 8.11.2016 92.9 2.3 95 97
1004TG 8.11.2016 95.0 1.9 97 97

2) Small Cubage: compact structure, small volume, light weight.
3) Convenient Maintenance: the key parts are placed on the same side, strong applicability of key parts, easy for maintenance.

2. What is the power range for genset engines?
26-158.4KW@50HZ, 26-174KW@60HZ

3. What is the main application of Lovol engines?
Gensets, water pump, tractors, combine harvesters.

4. How long is the time of delivery?
About 20 to 30 days after receiving the advance payment .

5. What is the warranty period of Lovol engines?
Lovol and our distributors, agents, and OEM manufacturers provide end users with 1 year or 1500 hours warranty.

6. What can I do to maximum the longevity of my engine?
Maintenance Schedules:
1) First service at 20-40h or 1000-2000km;
2) For every 1000km or 200h, do proper maintenance as follows:
a. Check the drive belts
b. Clean the air filter
3) For every 1500km or 250h, do proper maintenance as follows:
a. Check the concentration of coolant
b. Exchange the fuel filter element
c. Exchange the engine lubricating oil
d. Exchange the oil filter
e. Exchange the air filter element
Please read the preventive maintenance pages in your user’s handbook for additional details.

7. What kind of fuel is recommended for my engine?
The recommended fuel specification for Lovol engine is indicated below:
Cetane number--------------------50 minimum
Viscosity --------------------------2.5/4.5 cent at 40℃
Density-----------------------------0.835/0.855 kg/liter
Sulphur-----------------------------0.2% of mass, maximum
Distillation-------------------------85% at 350℃
Please read the fuel/lubricating oil and coolant pages in your user’s handbook for additional details.

8. What kind of natural gas is recommended for my natural gas engine?
The recommended gas specification for Lovol engine is indicated below:
CH4 content≥70%
Natural gas pressure: 2-100kpa, pressure change rate≤1kpa/min
H2S content≤20mg/Nm³
Moisture content≤40mg/ Nm³
Impurity granularity≤5um, impurity content≤30mg/Nm³

9. What kind of biogas is recommended for my biogas engine?
Biogas temperature≤40℃
Biogas pressure: 3-80kpa, pressure change rate≤1kpa/min
H2S content ≤200mg/Nm³
NH3 content ≤20mg/Nm³
CH4 content≥50%, rate of change≤2%/min
Impurity granularity≤5um, impurity content≤30mg/Nm³
Moisture content≤40mg/Nm

10. When was my engine built?
You can find out the engine’s manufacture date from nameplate on engine.

11. Can I use your engine for genset in agriculture?
We don’t recommend or support this, as engines for genset and agriculture are designed very differently and have very different systems.

12. Where can I buy service parts?
You can contact us by email, about the manager’s email, please refer to “Contact Us” in the website. Please see the parts book to learn more about these options.

13. If there is a spare part of other brand and it is the same as Lovol, can I use it on my Lovol engine?
Lovol brand spare parts are produced according to our exact specifications, including media size and internal valve requirements. There may be similar spare parts on the market, but we cannot verify their accuracy or control their quality. Our recommendation is to buy Lovol spare parts at the best price and replace them as recommendation in your user’s handbook.

14. Please explain your company’s history.
In 1997, SINO-UK joint venture was established, named as Perkins Engines (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
In 2003, we introduced Foton Group for emission and technology upgrade.
In 2009, new factory was set up, new products D Series and 1100 Series were developed.

15. What is the configuration for Lovol engine?
Optional configuration for water-pumping: bellow, muffler, control box.
Radiator is standard configuration for genset.

16. If the engines won’t be used for long time, how to preserve them?
1) Completely clean the outside of the engine
2) Drain the lubricating oil from the sump
3) Exchange the oil filter
4) Fill the sump to the full mark on the dipstick with new and clean lubricating oil
Please see the engine preservation pages of your user’s handbook for additional details.

17. I’ve lost user’s handbook of my Lovol engine. How can I replace it?
We could send the engine manual to you by DHL, please contact us by email. For the manager’s email, please refer to “Contact Us” in the website. But please provide the following information:
1) The engine model (ie. 1004G, 1004TG) (as much information as you have if you are not sure of the exact engine model)
2) Your mailing information
3) Your email address and at least one other means of daytime contact (phone, fax, alternative email).

18. I heard about a new product which is not yet listed on your web site. How can I get more information?
If a product is not yet listed on our web site, chances are good that we do not yet have information on that newly released product. You can contact us by email. For the manager’s email, please refer to “Contact Us” in the website.

19. I could not find an answer to my question here. How do I contact you, and how soon will I get an answer?
You can contact us by email. For the manager’s email, please refer to “Contact Us” in the website. If you email us, you should receive an answer nearly immediately, please make sure to provide us your full email address as well as at least one other means of daytime contact (phone, fax, alternative email address).

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