Market Performance

Resistance to High Temperature---Export to Iran
Lovol engines work well, even under desert climates with temperatures around 40℃-50℃ high temperatures and dry weather conditions like those found in Iran and the Middle East.

Resistance to Cold ---Sell well in Russia
Ollin and Auman parts powered by Lovol engines are popular in Russia and other cold climates for their ability to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.

Strong Power---Powered Olympic Flame in the Himalayan Mountains
Lovol engines are able to continue to successfully operate in harsh conditions. Our generator was used to keep the Olympic Flame burning bright even when it was traveling through the Himalayan Mountains

High Reliability---Challenge "Le Mans Light Truck Endurance Race"
Lovol Engines was awarded "The Most Reliable Engine" title in multiple Le Mans Light Truck Endurance Races.

Excellent Stability---Ensure Power in the Beijing National Stadium.
Generator sets powered by Lovol engines were used in the Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest) during the Beijing Olympic Games, to make sure the stadium was well lit and safe.

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