Lovol Engines made a splendid stage pose on 2016 MEE

Lovol Engines carried 5 sets of generating products - Natural Gas gen-sets Engine, Inline pump gen-sets engines, Rotary pump gen-sets engines-unveiled the Middle East Exhibition from March 1st to March 3rd in 2016.

During this exhibition, Natural Gas engine, as the new product, attracts oversea and domestic customers’ attention deeply. It adopts German Bosch origin sensor, localized electronic throttle body, customized wiring harness and high voltage wire for special purpose, to guarantee reliable ignition of the engine. Moreover, compared to traditional control system (ignition + speed governing), Lovol 1000 series gas engines are equipped with full-digital electronic control system, which is more reliable for accurate control, bigger power, easier commissioning and maintenance and mass production. Furthermore, The ECU with control software and engine performance data inputted into it guarantees strict consistency within one batch of engines. It can also regulate the ignition angle according to engine speed, temperature and power output so as to guarantee optimum run of the engine in different loads and seasons and hence extend the engine’s service life and increase the engine’s generating efficiency.

Natural Gas Engine

The excellent product performance attracts many visitors and users to visit the Lovol stand. The new customers from Brazil、Jordan、UAE and other countries expressed their long-term attention to Lovol Engines and looked forward to cooperating with Lovol and placing engine order in a short time,to seize the market opportunity. Meanwhile,the regular customers from Iran、South Africa、Pakistan came to lovol stand also, to discuss and communicate the new cooperation intention and market chances.

  • Pakitan team
  • Iran team
  • Ethiopia Team

The 3-day fair was over, and Lovol Engines came back with fruitful gains. Oversea business is full of opportunities and challenges in 2016, Lovol Engines will usher a more brilliant future via the unremitting efforts of all the Lovol staff.

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