Issue 1, 2015
Lovol 2015 Service Training (1st session) successfully completed

On June 30th, 2015, under the leadership and support from different Lovol sectors, the first session of overseas customer training for 2015 was held in Lovol’s factory, and included trainees from Thailand, Turkey, Lebanon and other countries. During the training, lecturers met serious language barriers with translating technical terms accurately, especially for interpretation of purchased parts including motors, alternators and fuel pumps. To overcome these barriers, lecturers used physical samples to make technical words easy to understand. They also used body language to communicate with international customers to solve technical problems that arose. During the limited training time, we invited lecturers from our spare parts suppliers to increase the technical knowledge of our customers and improve the overall quality of the training. This training guaranteed each customers would achieve their training goals by using quizzes from other engine company job requirements.

On July 4th, after a separate examination for each customer, and rating of each person’s performance during the training, one of our lecturers, Mr. Rui determined each customer was qualified and awarded them graduation certificates. Later on, the director of our marketing department, Mr. Zhang Jili issued after sales service dealer certificates for representatives of our customers. All in all, the last week of training paid off and ended on a high note.

The service training for Lovol engines not only was successful, but it also improved the confidence international customers have in us, by inviting them to learn more about us and our products. We believe, with more training at a later date, and an overseas network that is continuously expanding, Lovol will continue to develop and create more equipment that customers can rely on.

  • Overseas service training in 2015 (1st session)
  • Study in the machine workshop
  • Students listen to the teacher carefully
  • Study in theory
Lovol Vice G.M. Mr. Zhang jili awards service certificate to dealers
Lovol G.M. Mr. Lan Hong awards service certificate to dealers

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