Lovol engines highlight on Philippines Power Exhibition

On 18-20th August, the 23th Philippines Industry Manufacture Technology Exhibition and the 12th China Mechanical and Electrical Industry (Philippines) Brand Exhibition are held in Manila. Lovol engines highlight gensets engines during the exhibition.
Philippines Industry Manufacture Technology Exhibition has more than 20 years history, as the largest and most influenced exhibition locally, covering kinds of relevant technology, product and accessory. The simultaneous China Mechanical and Electrical Industry (Philippines) Brand Exhibition is the most powerful exhibition for China mechanical and electrical products. The president, chairman and ministers are greeting their opening every year. The exhibitions are supported by more than 10 unions, such as Philippine - China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Production and Supply of Electronic and Electrical Appliances Association of the Philippines and The Philippines packing trade union. The exhibition covers 10000 m2, attracting more than 20 companies, such as SWT, Shanhua Power, Powercity, ETE, Wangwantong, DIY and so on.
Lovol shows 1100 series engines, which inherits former 1000 series, adopts 4-valve technology, electric governor technology, meanwhile strengthens cylinder block & head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod etc., to performance more reliable and stable. And the 1100 series engines can reach power up 30%, high intake efficiency, 8% lower fuel consumption than former 2-valve engines, and can realize to start normally at -40℃ ~ 55℃. What’s more, it has advanced power, advantages in performance, reliability and so on.
During the 3-day exhibition, Lovol attracts more than 30 companies to business cooperation, product negotiation. All pay high interest in Lovol engines.
By the exhibition, Lovol accumulates high popularity locally, not only upgrades Lovol’s fame but lays a solid foundation to the marketing promotion. We believe Lovol will have a brilliant future through our unremitting efforts.

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