The backup power of the 1004TG engine used for 5-7.63m coke machines has been sold to internationally known companies including Ansteel and Baosteel, as well as other large steel mills both at home and abroad. This particular engine is used to pull the pusher beam out when power outages occur.

The backup power of our 1003G engine is used in "Harmony" High Speed Trains

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, LOVOL's engines were used in full service of security for the Beijing National Stadium, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of Olympic security.

100KW mobile power plants matched with our 1006TAG engine are used in the Chinese armed forces especially in rescue operations during flooding or other natural disasters.

Our 1004TG engine used for 50KW power supply vehicles serve the Chinese air force.

The 30KW plateau type genset matched with the LOVOL 1004TG engine is used for the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of more than 3000m in order to serve the Chinese army.

Our engines are used for power supply equipment in Daqing and Dagang oilfields.

200 units of backup power is used for 24KW telecommunication stations. When matched with our 1003G engine, we won the bid of bulk purchases for Nigeria's Ministry of Electric Power.


Our engine is used in 58KW railway track inspection vehicles. The engine works normally at ambient temperatures of about -25 °C

Starting in 2006, the trucks matched with LOVOL engines were ordered in bulk from a client in Russia. They withstood the cold weather test of -40 ℃ in Russia, and were popular on the Russian market. The sales record in 2006 was 3,000 units, and in 2007 the sales reached a level of 12,000 units.

Lovol engines run well in desert climates where temperatures as high as 40℃-50℃ occur such as in Iran.

April - May, 2008, Ollin and ETX parts from FOTON paired with LOVOL engines were chosen by CCTV, and ssuccessfully escorted the Olympic flame through the Himalayan Mountains.

Phaser 100T LOVOL engines paired with aircraft tractors are widely used by the Chinese military as the primary engine.

The ETX medium duty truck paired with LOVOL's Phser210Ti engine was selected for use by the Chinese military.


Foton tractors powered by Lovol engine have entered the Russian market at the end of 2004, as of 2015 which have sold nearly million units, the market share is about 17%.

Foton corn harvesters powered by Lovol engine have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine and other countries.

Paired with LOVOL's 1106 engine, XCMG loaders have been exported to Nordic regions.

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