Quality Assurance

Lovol Engines has two production plants and four production workshops for assembly and machining. The assembly line and machining workshop cover an enormous amount of space, in order to easily create quality cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts and camshafts.

Key equipment in our factory comes from top brand suppliers, including MAG from the United States, NAGEL from Germany, and MAZAK from Japan. Our new factory has also introduced the use of Bosch, Siemens, Huber and Honeywell equipment, giving us first class manufacturing capabilities for our agricultural engines.

The assembly line uses internationally advanced techniques and plans, and the entire line uses CAPP and MES systems together, ensuring quality control steps are taken, including information about code parts, intellectual anti-fault devices and advanced door systems to achieve complete coverage of quality control and information feedback.

Advanced painting technique processes are used, during which a robot automatically paints the diesel or gas engine to ensure stain resistance and appearance quality standards that our customers have come to expect.

The finishing line has a compact structure and reasonable layout to make the most of its space. It is where completing and packaging work for automobiles, agricultural machinery, generator sets and various construction machinery and engines is carried out. The information system covers the entire line, guaranteeing the quality control of the complete working course process.

Lovol Engines is home to world class diesel engine production and processing equipment, bringing customers back time and again for trusted agricultural engine needs.

1. Cylinder Production Line
The cylinder production line is a flexible automatic production line used for a variety of products using a combination of a specific automatic production line and a machining center. It is here that production of cylinder bores, crankshaft holes and other cylinder parts are manufactured on first class machinery from internationally known companies. We use automatic online measurement and feedback technology to get real time results, which has led to us reaching both international and domestic leading levels on the market.

The horizontal boring and milling machining center is equipped with an intelligent control system for easier operation and a more efficient production process. The gratings closed loop control allows the positioning accuracy up to 0.006mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy to less than 0.004mm. The final cleaning machine is designed by the Swiss company ABB, and uses an advanced robotic cleaning concept, with a flushing pressure for the main oil passage of the cylinder reaching up to 200-300kgf/cm2 (20-30Mpa).

  • Cylinder CNC machining center
  • Cylinder rough machining dedicated machine
  • Honing machine of NAGEL (Germany)
  • Cylinder processing dedicated machine of MAG (USA)
  • Engine
  • Timing chamber
Final cleaning machine of ABB

2. Assembly line:
We use an automatic camshaft assembly machine, automatic oil bottom surface coating robot, a cylinder head valve tapping machine, cylinder block automatic turnover machine, and other automatic assembly and adjustment equipment to make sure that each engine we produce meets international, domestic, and customer quality standards. We also use automatic measuring equipment for crankcase channeling measurement, piston projection measurement and crankshaft rotational torque measurement. The entire assembly line is automatic, utilizes advanced quality control methods, and features a wide information system coverage range that maintain the same levels as international standards dictate.

3. Trial run production line
The trial run production line is equipped with AVL smoke meters, high precision fuel gauges, an AGV automatic conveyor system and pallet automatic docking technology for trial run benches to effectively control the test beat of each machine.

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